About Company

Opening Word of the Director

Dear business friends!

Welcome on the web presentation of the company METROPROJEKT Praha a.s. This website presents more than forty-year history of our company, its current situation and future plans and visions.

I would like to point out right at the start that METROPROJEKT should not be connected only with the Prague Metro although the construction of the metro surely is what brought us development stimuli and reputation. In the course of the design work for the Prague Metro we acquired yet something much more valuable than reputation, both on the expert and public level -- we acquired invaluable experience. There is probably no other construction that is more demanding and complex from the technical and organizational points of view than the construction of a metro system in a city of such long history and variable geology like Prague. Due to this, we cannot be any more scared by customer requirements of whatever size and extent. On the contrary, we are happy to prove to our customers that the more they require the better project they get.

We hope that even if you are not our client in this moment you will have an opportunity in the future to see these word prove true.

Managing Director